Silver Stream

Steri Box 180L

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The Silver Stream® Steri Box provides 360° disinfection with direct germicidal ultraviolet exposure for surface of various personal items like Mask, Gloves, Medical Instruments, Mobile Phone, Car Keys, Purse, News Paper, Pen, Watches, Gold Chain, Belt, etc. 

Also Parcel Delivered, Food or of E-Commerce items, Hand Bags, Grocery etc. with in a size of 24 inch x 24 inch can be disinfected. Large sterile boxes are available for large items sizes.

The Silver Stream® Steri Box  of 40 inch x 40 inch can accommodate larger items like Medical Instruments, Bags, Tool kits, Gym Mats, Sports Kits etc.

The dosage, as it applies to ultraviolet disinfection, is a function of time, and the intensity, of ultraviolet radiation, to which the surfaces of product exposed.

Silver Stream®️ UV Disinfection Steri Box kills 99.99% microorganisms and is tested and validated by accredited laboratories of NABL, WHO & USFDA and are CE, QCI, GMP, ISO certified.

Volume: 180 Litres

Dimension L x B X H (Inch): 40 x 40 x 30

Material & Color: MS Grey

Lamps: 8

Technology: UV

UV Wavelength: 253.7 nm

USP: Adjustable Timer with Display