Silver Stream

Steri Belt

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The Silver Stream® Steri Belt Conveyor Tunnel System has been designed and developed in order to rapidly disinfect personal belongings like bags, belt, shoes, electronics and anything else one might carry while entering the premises. The Silver Stream® Steri Belt is equipped with Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamps; these special lamps generate high levels of Ultraviolet radiation which is lethal to infectious microorganisms such as bacteria, mould and viruses including the corona virus.

Silver Stream® Steri Belt Conveyor Tunnel is designed to disinfect baggage at Airports, Bus Terminals, Hotel, Hospitals, and Schools etc. The VFD enables easy smooth operation at required speed. This Machine consists of a Disinfection Tunnel with in feed roller conveyor system roller for baggage transportation and UV Tunnel zone without feed conveyor. The bags can be transported through the tunnel through a conveyor roller chain which has enough bottom exposure to disinfect the bag with UV radiation. Bags have to be placed one behind the other like in a x ray machine but it has to be noted that a gap between the bags is necessary for all sides of the bag to get disinfected. The bags are loaded on to the in-feed conveyor of the tunnel and go through an automatic cycle of 360° sterilisation and disinfection of its contents as they travel through the tunnel. Strategically placed UV lamps disinfect the bags or luggage externally.