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Hygiene Air

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The Silver Stream® Hygiene Air design has been carefully conceived to direct germicidal ultraviolet rays to purify the upper room air of occupied spaces in order to reduce the risk of cross infection and exposure of occupants to infectious airborne microbes. Ultraviolet rays project across the upper room air. Bacteria and virus that are carried into the ultraviolet field by convection currents or air circulation are destroyed. The air in the room is continuously being purified.

Silverlite™ Electronic Ballasts State-of-the-art electronic ballasts are designed to operate ultraviolet lamps. The Silver Stream® Hygiene Air Ultraviolet Room Air Pendent Mount Indirect Fixture Disinfection System includes three unique electronic variable output versions (EVO) of the Silverlite™ with an adjustable feature mounted to base of the fixture.


  • Deliver high uv lamp output
  • Lightweight
  • Operate cool for longer life
  • Versatile-each operates a wide range of lamps
  • Save energy through high efficiency
  • Provide silent operation

Silver Stream® Hygiene Air kills microorganisms like molds, bacteria & virus including COVID-19.

Silver Stream®️ UV & Ozone disinfection equipment are tested and validated by accredited laboratories of NABL, WHO & USFDA and are CE, QCI, GMP, ISO certified.