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Patho Kill

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The Silver Stream® Patho Kill line of germicidal ultraviolet fixtures has been carefully designed to provide direct ultraviolet exposure for air and/or surface disinfection.

Silver Stream® Patho Kill germicidal Fixtures use short-wave (254 nm) ultraviolet lamps (also referred to as uvc or germicidal ultraviolet) in various style equipment to deactivate a wide range of microorganisms. Hand held fixtures are ideal for spot disinfection. These fixtures require no set up or installation and are ready to use out of the carton.The 8 watt through 25 watt strip style fixtures are ideal for a more permanent installation where disinfection will be necessary and constant. Applications include but are not limited to conveyor belts, disinfection cabinets and laboratory hoods.

Silver Stream® Patho Kill Germicidal Fixtures should be utilized when space is unoccupied or when user and occupants take appropriate protective measures.

Silver Stream®️ UV Disinfection Patho Kill kills microorganisms like molds, bacteria & virus.

Silver Stream®️ UV & Ozone disinfection equipment are tested and validated by accredited laboratories of NABL, WHO & USFDA and are CE, QCI, GMP, ISO certified.

Rated Lamp Life (Hour): 9000