Silver Stream

Blue RO

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A Silver Stream Reserve Osmosis (RO) System uses a special semi-permeable TFC membrane Filter. TFC / Thin Film Composite Filters reject a higher percentage of all dissolved solids including Sodium, the smallest of molecules.

Silver Stream RO Water Certified as:

  • Baby safe
  • Ideal for Pregnant Women
  • Ideally suited for Aged people
  • Recommended for sports and fitness
  • Diuretic (Detoxifies the Kidneys)
  • Nutritive (Rapid Fluid Replenishment)
  • Good for Ophthalmology (Skin and Facial Care)
  • An Excellent Haircare product (indicated for growth and maintenance of hair. Provides shine)
  • Essential for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Apt for the food industry
  • Good for Dental hygiene