Silver Stream

Aerosol Disinfection Tunnel System

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Access to good hygiene practices and compliance with sanitation rules is possible with the most advanced hygiene technology. Fully comprehensive industrial hygiene solution that Silver Stream®️ Aerosol Disinfection Tunnel System is the perfect answer to all production areas therefore the risk of contamination is a major danger.

 Silver Stream®️ Aerosol Disinfection Tunnel System provides a hygienic and sterile working environment because that meets your sanitary needs at every stage of the production process. Human disinfection systems are high-precision, sustainable, cost-effective, user-friendly and easy to maintain.


  • State-of-the-art scientific design
  • Best use of space with maximum sanitation
  • Motion Sensors help reduce wastage of the solution
  • Silent motor helps gives a relaxed experience
  • Scientifically proven disinfectant for use on human body and skin
  • Micro fogging covers the entire body without you getting wet
  • First system to use minimal disinfectant (6 to 60LPH )
  • The best in class sustainable running costing of just Rs. 500 per day
  • Fixed and retractable design to suit different space requirements
  • Most durable and scientifically approved concept

Silver Stream®️ Aerosol Disinfection Tunnel System kills microorganisms like molds, bacteria & virus including COVID-19.

Silver Stream®️ UV & Ozone disinfection equipment are tested and validated by accredited laboratories of NABL, WHO & USFDA and are CE, QCI, GMP, ISO certified.