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Air Ozone

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The Silver Stream® Air Ozone design has been carefully conceived to provide adequate germicidal ultraviolet and ozone exposure for air disinfection of unoccupied areas by the means of germicidal ultraviolet ozone lamps. These special lamps generate high levels of germicidal ultraviolet radiation which is lethal to infectious microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, and virus. Ozone that is emitted will remove mold, smoke, and other strong odors.

The dosage, as it applies to ultraviolet and ozone disinfection, is a function of time, and the intensity, of ultraviolet radiation, to which the air is exposed. Our UV application specialist would be happy to perform the necessary calculations to ensure the equipment we provide is appropriate for your particular application.

Silver Stream®️ Air Ozone kills microorganisms like molds, bacteria & virus including COVID-19.

Silver Stream®️ UV & Ozone disinfection equipment are tested and validated by accredited laboratories of NABL, WHO & USFDA and are CE, QCI, GMP, ISO certified.