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Aircrafts are one of the most densely populated and frequently used modes of transportation used by millions of people day in and day out.

Aircrafts are built to be compact so walkways and space between seating restrict easy movement which leads to high surface contact by people. As much as aircrafts transport in numerous number of people, it also carries infinitely more germs. Silver Stream® Steri Wings is the solution to a clean and safe flying experience. Silver Stream® Steri Wings has been designed and built specifically for the interior of an Airplane. Its footprint is the size of a meal cart used by a flight attendant. It has an extended wing like structure with high power UV disinfection lamps that reach out in various angles in order to disinfect every inch of the cabin.These special lamps generate high levels of germicidal ultraviolet radiation lethal to Infectious microorganisms such as bacteria, mould, and viruses including the Corona virus.

The focus is to disinfect passenger seats and overhead storage cabins since these are the most frequently contacted surfaces. Ultraviolet disinfection systems have been used over the last 4 decades in most hospitals in order to disinfect and kill most of the microorganisms including super bugs. This uses scientifically proven technology that is lethal to microorganisms including the coronavirus, ebola, Influenza and SARS. Most aircrafts these days use chemical disinfectants which can pose a safety hazard as they are inflammable, UV rays on the other hand have no chemical footprint or residue after its application. It's also important to note that chemical disinfectants are cautioned to be used only in ventilated spaces, this does not qualify its usage in aircrafts. It is also only meant for usage on hard non porous surfaces, and has to wiped dry after 10 seconds of exposure in order to kill bacteria, and 4 minutes of exposure in order to kill a virus, making it improbable considering aircrafts have high fabric usage in seating and flooring which covers over 60% of the interiors.

The Silver Stream® Steri Wings can also be used to disinfect the aircraft restrooms which is a commonly and frequently used space by multitudes of people.