Silver Stream

Steri Wheel

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The Silver Stream® Steri Wheel which is a mobile disinfection unit on wheels disinfects the surface of hospital floor with a width of 2 or 3 feet. The radiation from this unit are enormously powerful and kills anything in its path. The unit can be moved up and down on designed paths by a Hospital maintenance personnel.

This equipment comes in 3 models single, dual and triple disinfection system for maximum disinfection. This disinfection of floors can be done in human presence as all the radiation is directed to the floor from 3 inch above it. This system ensures that no pathogen in its reach can survive.These special UV lamps generate high levels of germicidal ultraviolet radiation lethal to infectious microorganisms such as bacteria , Mould and virus including corona virus. The equipment can be utilized to disinfect various part of the hospital floors with carpet or hard flooring.